Vision Statement

Our passion is to see a healed, reconciled, and transformed Kenyan church and communities walking in unity and inspiring hope to Nations.

Mission statement

WAPE facilitates people in the church, community and other organizations find personal inner healing and equip them with skills to be agents of healing and reconciliation in order to promote a harmonious society.

Through creative arts WAPE promotes healing and reconciliation, inspiring hope to a wider audience and mentoring youth to be agents of reconciliation.

WAPE member care ministry provides a safe space for ministry workers to process their experiences in order to find renewal, new energy and hope. We equip Christian workers to facilitate renewal for others.

WAPE facilitates communities into identifying and prioritizing their needs and empowers them with the skills and attitudes for wholistic change.

Core values

  • Honour of God, our loving Father
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Commitment and Professionalism
  • Team spirit
  • Unity in diversity
  • Community participation
  • Care for the needy


For decades Kenya has been known as an island of peace. Indeed, she has hosted thousands of refugees and those seeking political asylum. At the advent of multi-party system in 1991, the country started experiencing political turmoil of an ethnic angle. The conflicts were however localized within few geographical areas. The country managed to push forward within a very delicate balance of ruined inter-ethnic relationships. In 2007 after the contested presidential elections, this state escalated to many parts of the nation and the country could no longer hold together. This resulted to a full blown and widespread conflict where death, displacement and destruction of property occurred leaving many hearts wounded.

 In 2008, Way of Peace (WAPE) was formed in efforts to bring healing to the wounded hearts. This was in partnership with Mercy Ministries International, a Rwandan based organization. Rwanda had walked the journey before Kenya after the 1994 Genocide. An approach called Healing Hearts Transforming Nations (HHTN) was very effective in the Rwandan journey of Healing and Reconciliation. This came in handy for WAPE to use in Kenya. Since then, many have received healing, broken relationships have been restored, churches and individuals have been empowered to be agents of hope and reconciliation in their communities. The Kenyan and Rwandan stories are not unique in the region, since the rest of the countries in the region also experience either political, ethnic, religious or social conflicts. The approach has been used not only in countries in Africa, but also in Europe, America and Asia.


The Team

Dr. Allan Waihumbu

Executive Director

Joyce Sheri

Programs Manager

David Maiyo

Finance & Operations Manager

Jecinta Barasa. PhD


Peter Maina

Community LIASON

Francis Maina

Field Officer

Hosea Muchiri

Field Officer

Grace Wanjiku


Joseph K. Waweru

Media & I.T

Pst. Beatrice Mokeira

Training Center Manager

Lilian Brigit

Accounts Clerk