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Kenya’s history Redefined!

We are almost closing in on 4 months after the Kenya general election, held on the 9th of August 2022. And it couldn‘t be clearer that the nation is not the once chaotic mess it was about a little over a decade ago. The republic‘s history has dramatically shifted towards hope and a bright future for future generations.
Looking at the months leading up to the poll day, there is change when people come together for a united course. We saw multiple individuals, organizations, churches, groups, teams, and even companies stand with the voice of Peace and harmony from all over Kenya, most especially in the solabeled hot spots. Even more encouraging was the heavy presence of young people in these campaigns, the same majority usually used to instigate violence and war. In our traversing across the country, we met countless of them just expressing how they are tired of being the ones to be given to war while those calling the shots are in high offices and positions, and all for less than a dollar. 
Naivasha for example, one of the towns within Nakuru County, is a worldrenowned tourist attraction with people from all over the universe coming to experience the warm lakeside environment. Yet within this tourist hub, some of the most deadly clashes between communities have taken place. In the buildup to the election, we found that the youth in Naivasha had organized themselves and worked hard to ensure that their town would be known for peace and tourism, not violence and bloodshed. This resulted in the taghotspot‘, which was used to refer to the volatility of the area towards violence & conflict, being dropped once and for all as it was and is one of the most peaceful towns in the region. It was even more encouraging to see youth from one of the most dreaded areas during election time in the recent past, Kondele, as they sat together in groups to play games and engage in harmless banter just to keep themselves busy while the nation awaited the results. Anotherhot spot that appeared to have become more of achill spot‘.
These and many more instances around the country are the reason why we are optimistic about the future of Kenya. It is evident that when Kenyans come together for a common course, regardless of tribe, region, or religion, we can achieve great things. The election of 2022 was a clear demonstration of this, and we believe that this is only the beginning of an even more peaceful and united Kenya, where love and hope will reign supreme.
As we move into 2023, we do so with the hope that the peace and progress witnessed in the past 4 months will continue and even grow. We urge all Kenyans to continue working together for the nation’s common good and to always remember that we are stronger together. Just like the words of our great national anthem say,
Haki iwe ngao na mlinzi,
na tukae na Uhuru, amani, na undugu,
raha tupate na ustawi.

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  1. Jk

    A bright future for Kenya is all we are seeing.

  2. Jecinta

    Fascinating story here! Grate work!

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