Healing and Reconciliation Program

Healing is an integral part of promoting a sustainable reconciliation process. It all begins with one acknowledging that they are wounded. This mainly is a result of broken relationships or injustice. An important step is leading to God, the ‘doctor’ of all ages. True healing results from one enduring the painful procedure of wound debridement and cleaning.

Once all the dead tissue (bitterness, resentment, desire for revenge, sinful responses to pain) are removed, healing is steady. Healed hearts advance the genuine relationship and therefore sustainable reconciliation. To do this, we use an approach called HHTN (Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations).

Member Care

Every functioning ‘machine’ requires regular servicing and maintenance. Ministry workers, just like workers in other fields, need regular time off to reflect and re-energize. This promotes uninterrupted productivity while maintaining the well-being of the worker at the same time. In this pillar, we train leaders on sound leadership and conduct debriefing retreats as well as team-building sessions.

Community Development

Communities develop meaningful relationships when they are actively involved in a common community agenda. The gains become so binding that they are able to resist and overcome the many diving forces around them. We use Bible-based models such as Christian Community Transformation (LRM) and CCMP (Church Community Mobilization Process) among others. Youth is a key consideration since they are a workforce that can bring about major gains or destruction depending on where their energies, prowess, and skills are channeled.