The objective is to promote inner healing for persons or groups, hence prompting forgiveness, asking for forgiveness with an eventual possibility of reconciliation and fruitful coexistence. This is achieved through several means;

Healing Hearts Transforming Nations workshop (HHTNT).

Also formerly known as HWEC (Healing Wounds of Ethnic Conflict). HHTN workshops are carried out in 2-3days depending on the setup. They are facilitated using HHTN curriculum, which is a Bible based curriculum designed by Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd and was used greatly in post genocide Rwanda. It is today being used in many parts of the globe with an amazing transformation of lives and relationships.

HHTN follow-up seminars.

These are one-day meetings aimed at finding out the depth and the fruit of healing that occurred during the HHTN workshop. It also aims at furthering the healing process through testimony sharing

Training of facilitators (TOF) in HHTN.

This is a 5-7days training carried out in East Africa School of Reconciliation (EASOR)….… at Nakuru Kenya. It is also carried out in Kigali, Rwanda during the International School or Reconciliation (ISOR). Also other regions of the globe e.g. Ivory Coast, Eurasia and America. The training aims at training more facilitators, who are competent and passionate about bringing change to broken relationships in their area of jurisdiction. Churches and Para- church institutions are highly encouraged to partake of the trainings. The trainings also encompass field practicum in order to instil confidence in the trainees before they embark to their own environment.

Creative content.

This entails packaging reconciliation message into user friendly mode. It includes communicating reconciliation message and story through music and dances, poetry, writing, drama series, artistic expressions and paintings etc. Mostly applied through schools, colleges, churches and social media platforms. Print and social media are key point of dissemination of all WAPE content. This includes TV, Radio, facebook, youtube, instagram, twitter etc.

Forums of reconciliation workers.

These are periodic meetings that are regional, national or international. The meetings bring together reconciliation workers for sharing of best practices, prayers and encouragement.