Mashujaa Day


Father’s Heart ministering to guests at Afraha Stadium, Nakuru.

Twenty Father’s heart singers eased out of bed and shuffled to their respective shower rooms on the early morning of 20th October, 2016. It had been a long night of rehearsals and refining 6 songs to be sang during this day’s auspicious occasion. Finesse and exactitude has been the culture and collective conscience of the team and they were going to take nothing less. As they went on enthusiastically freshening up, Baraka the team leader’s guitar rhythms could be heard originating from the sitting room and filling up the entire guest house. Soon, the entire team joined him enriching his guitar rhythm elements with glorious melodies which transformed the ambience of the room. For this team, music is a process, not to be hurried but to be enjoyed and cherished as it unfolds. It is a tool, not to be banished to the lowly purpose of self-enjoyment but rather to be used for the higher good of serving others.  For them, being members of Father’s Heart, is not necessarily a train to fame and money but rather, a call to be a voice of reason to the nation specifically calling the nation in to unity, peaceful co-existence and reconciliation.

And so, it was time to mop up the songs’ rehearsal as they took their morning meal. Thereafter, they were whisked into the waiting bus which hurried them to Afraha Stadium-Nakuru, where the 7th Celebration of Kenya’s Mashujaa Day was scheduled to take place. They took up their reserved seats as other patriotic Kenyans steadily trickled in to the stadium.



Dr Allan, the choir director of the day guides the team.

The team was invited to do their first presentation during the pre-event; before the arrival of the chief guests, they sang 3 songs; We are One, Beauty in Diversity and Tusamehe. The music tunes filled up the stadium and left the audience longing for more.



Presentation time!

At 10:00am, the chief guests were hustled into the venue where they were received by a breath-taking procession of the disciplined forces. The chief guests were among others; the Governor of Nakuru County-Kinuthia Mbugua and his Deputy; the Nakuru County Commissioner; the Nakuru County cabinet ministers; Members of County Assembly and renowned business people.


6A procession of the disciplined forces

The presence of the chief guests brought about a cloud of authority and power in the event. During the main event, Father’s Heart team had the privilege of doing one song; Beauty in Diversity which was followed by a burst of applause.

Baraka the team leader said “It was a great occasion from God to propagate the message of peace; healing and unity to spectators representing diverse ethnicity and religion in Kenya as well as; Asians (Hindus) and Muslims. Another accomplishment is that we got connections with different people in the county government such as the regional music director and the county chief protocol, they liked our music and promised to be inviting us in different government events, since they are the organizers of such events, so we can get more opportunities to minister even countrywide. We are looking forward to more activities in future, as we trust God to open more doors for us.”




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    Speak to the Nation and may God heal our Land and Nation

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