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WAPE has been working hard to reach wide through their own teams and volunteers but many have not been reached yet. Alternative methods are coming up to enlarge the approaches and hence reach a wider public; the Nakuru pastors’ conference is one approach geared towards this.

On the 26th of April  2016 WAPE  sort to promote the ministry to the influential Nakuru Pastors’ Foundation through a conference  with the hope that they become a partner in creation of reconciliation movements that will not depend on WAPE and will reach many swiftly and widely.

Nakuru Pastors Foundation (NPF) is the body of Christian leaders and pastors from Nakuru town and its environs. The forum is interdenominational and inter-ethnic and their role is to fellowship together and to

keep the unity in the body of Christians in Nakuru.

The conference began with an exposition on ‘The church as an agent of change.’ This was followed by   sharing the HWEC curriculum and what others have been able to do in their countries through the HWEC teachings. Testimonies of how Post –election Violence (PEV) affected individuals and families and the victory that has been brought through the HWEC teachings were shared. The group also had an opportunity to listen to songs repackaged from HWEC teachings that is in the process of being produced.

Finally, WAPE made an invitation to the Pastors’ Forum to work together towards a Healed and Peaceful Kenyan society. The Leader of the Forum promised to follow-up on the same.

During meal time WAPE facilitators received a lot of feedback from some participants. ‘This is a very timely message’, shared one pastor. Two other pastors were eager to know where and when the next workshop would be held so that they would attend.